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Staff Resources

ADK Consortium consultancy services are provided through a combination of on-site advisors and professional back-up from the fifteen full-time personnel based at our Head Office in Accra.


Technical expertise within the infrastructure, environmental, procurement, and capacity building sectors are combined with expertise in project management and administration. In addition, the firm has a well-established network of consultants and other specialist support from institutions and organizations capable of providing all the professional backstopping required.



Engagement of local professionals and co-operations with other local consultants are always encouraged, not only in order to reduce costs and stimulate local professional employment, but also as a crucial element in building the capacity of the local consultancy profession.


Our actions are guided by fundamental respect for each man and woman in our company. Efficiency, motivation and personal satisfaction are enhanced by open dialogue, quality working conditions, the integration of new employees, training, promotion and the passing on of experience. 

Project Team

ADK Consortium has built its foundation on having an outstanding relationship with, and the mutual respect of, its peers in the industry. From time to time, a project team is assembled for particular projects which require the talents and expertise of two or more companies that can come together to complement each other in the best interest of the client and the project. ADK Consortium is proud to acknowledge the following relationships which we value tremendously, and have at our disposal as we move into the future: 

  • ALCON CONSULTING ARCHITECTS (Architects and Development Consultants),
  • K&H CONSULT (Civil and Structural Engineering Consultants),
  • FEEDBACK ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS (Electrical Engineering Consultants),
  • UNIQUE JOSAP ENGINEERING LIMITED (Mechanical Engineering Consultants) 

Associated Firms

ADK Consortium has partnered various companies to under projects based on the conditions and scope of project. Some of the firms we have been associated with during the past five years are

  • Holix Consult
  • Intenational Marine & Dredging Consultants
  • Xtra Space Architectural Consult (Architects)


ADK Consortium has the quest for excellence with the overall quality of work been done. Generally, it's been good working with ADK. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at ADK on a variety of different projects over the past years. They always develop creative solutions to meet our needs, then deliver those solutions with a high level of professionalism and responsiveness. Each project has been completed on time and within budget, making them a valuable partner for us

Ing. Douglas Osei
CEO, Feedback Engineering Consultants

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