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Parliament Physical Infrastructure Enhancement Project – Job 600 Annex

Client: Parliamentary Services Board

Contractor: China State Hualong Const. Ltd.

ADK's Role: Consulting Engineers

Location: Parliament House, Accra

Status: Completed


Almost half a decade ago, the (JOB600) Tower Block was refurbished as offices for Members and key departments of the Parliamentary Service. Nonetheless, the Tower Block was designed with a consideration for all MPs who were then a total of 230 in Parliament as well as an additional margin of 22 extra offices to accommodate future developments. That notwithstanding, in the current scheme of things, there was a shortfall in the MPs office accommodation of 23 as the number increased to 275 constituencies. It was therefore proposed that the shortfall be addressed in the long term by developing additional offices.


In proposing a solution to the obvious needs, the stakeholders of Parliament carefully considered an enhancement of the physical infrastructures of Parliament. This project which was commissioned and handed over in November 2020, comprised the construction of an extension to the Members’ Block (Job 600 Annex), refurbishment of Basement to Chamber, a new Administration Annex Block, refurbishment of Speaker’s Block, construction of Visitor’s Holding Area as well as Drivers’ Waiting Area and external works including landscaping, walkways, parking areas amongst others.


ADK Consortium as the Technical Consultant for the Legislative Arm of Government took up the challenge and designed and supervised the construction of Parliament's Physical Infrastructure Enhancement Project to fit the purpose and function as expected to enhance the business of Parliament of Ghana.


The Newly Commissioned Facility provides:


Job 600 Annex (6 Storey Block)

  • 54 Offices ( 9 on each floor)
  • 36 office for research assistants
  • 9 kitchenettes
  • 9 washrooms 1 per floor ( male , female disabled)
  • 2 convenience shops
  • 1 forex bureau ( financial facility)
  • archives at the basement
  • 150 seater multi-purpose hall with a media room
  • 11 offices for supporting staff


Administration Annex (3 Storey Block)

  • 2 meeting rooms
  • 26 offices for staff of parliament
  • 3 kitchenettes
  • 4 washrooms
  • 1 kitchen
  • connection into the chamber block and old administration from all the 3 levels
  • 3 big storage rooms
  • electrical panel room (serving chamber, speakers block, main and Annex administration blocks and drivers/ visitors centres)


Drivers Centre (Single Storey)

  • 1 office
  • Reception area
  • 60 - 100 seater area for drivers
  • Snack bar
  • Eating area
  • Washroom ( male / female )


Visitors Centre (Single Storey)

  • 1 office
  • Reception area
  • 250 seater waiting area
  • Snack bar
  • Eating area
  • Washroom ( male / female)


The Job 600 Annex Block has been constructed with connection to the existing Members’ Block and Main Administration Block. This together with the Speaker’s Block (already linked by connecting bridges) will afford convenient communication and movement across the cluster of buildings in the enclave. The Administration Block Annex has also been refurbished to have a new central security screening which would provide a primary entry point to the Main Administration, Administration Annex and Debating Chamber Blocks. A new power distribution and control centre has also been provided and located at a basement level and below the central security screening point.


The Visitors' Holding Area and Drivers’ Waiting Area are located at the East Side of Forecourt of Parliament as holding areas for MPs’ drivers and visitors towards improved security within Parliament House and rest area for drivers.