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ADK showcases new staff uniforms

Aug. 7, 2017

It’s been a fantastically busy and exciting year at ADK as our progress and reach has continued to flourish and grow.


The wealth of remarkable ideas and creativity found here at ADK are embedded across everything we do.


From our architectural, structural and engineering designs, to our corporate events and awards, each element is an important part of writing our success story.


ADK’s staff are integral in the building of the ADK brand, and our unique appearance to our clients is most important. This contributes in bringing our brand to life.


We are delighted to unveil our brilliant, new uniforms for our management & staff members. These garments identify who we are, our values and ethics as an Organization, whilst connecting with our foundational purpose of inspiring style and innovation.


ADK’s ethos of responsible and quality projects has also ensured our new uniforms ingeniously reflect ADK’s distinctive spirit of creativity and excellence.


Source: ADK Consortium, 2017