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JOB600 Project Finally To Be Commissioned

Nov. 3, 2015

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In 1965, the Job 600 project was constructed to serve as the venue for the meeting of the Organization of African Unity (O.A.U). It was estimated to have costed more than US$24 million.  Dr. Kwame Nkrumah believed that the Building would showcase Ghana as a Country with the potential and ability to host international events, and a demonstration of Africa’s growing technical capabilities. However, work came to a halt due to some circumstances.

In 1992, the Government of Ghana commissioned M/S RhayCAD – Chartered Architects and Designers in consultation with the Ministry of Works and Housing, Public Works Department, Architectural Engineering Services Corporation and the Ministry of Local Government to provide design briefs to relocate Parliament from their previous location to the State House Complex.

M/S RhayCAD submitted a design brief which included the Conversion of the State House Tower Block into offices as well as committee and conference rooms and library facilities for Members of Parliament.

M/S RhayCAD planned to execute the works in two phases of which Phase I consisted of the Conversion of the Kwame Nkrumah Conference Centre into Parliamentary Debating Chamber and the Conversion of the State House into Speaker’s Office and Parliamentary Administrative Facility, which was completed in 1993 and handed over to Parliament.

The Tower Block designated for Offices for Parliamentarians under PHASE II progressed slowly and was only partially executed (estimated at 21% of remaining works then) until all works came to a halt by July 2006 amidst several financial constraints.

Over the last several years, the State Building which had been exposed to the elements suffered further deterioration and as a result, escalating further the cost of rehabilitation.

In 2009, the Parliamentary Services Board in consultation with the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing (MWRW&H), recognized an urgent need for office spaces to house the various departments of the Parliamentary Service, Members of Parliament, Meeting rooms for Standing and Select Committees as well as provide adequate space for a modern Library with Research and Information Systems Divisions.

The Parliament of Ghana through the Parliamentary Services Board then awarded the contract to ADK Consortium as Consultants of the Conversion of the 12-Storey, 3-Bay State House Tower Block Project. The project born out of this need was to make adequate provision with excellent services. The primary objective of the project was to Rehabilitate and Convert the State House Tower Block into offices for Members of Parliament.

Rehabilitation works executed on the project by the Contractor, China State Hualong Const. Ltd., comprised structural retrofitting of the physical structure of the Tower Block, provision of offices for Members of Parliament and ancillary staff, extensive rehabilitation of the electrical and mechanical services, ICT installations and the provision of fire safety mechanisms.

Furnishing of the Tower Block and ancillary structures included installation of Furniture, Blinds, Flat screen Televisions, Table top fridges, UPs and Computers. Testing and commissioning of the ICT systems included Data, Voice, CCTV, Access Control and Public Address Systems.

The Tower Block when commissioned will house 252 offices comprising 192 Standard Offices for Members of Parliament, 48 Standard plus Offices for Committee Chairmen of Parliament, 12 Prime Offices for the Leadership of Parliament, 12 Meeting Rooms and 10 Committee Rooms. Other ancillary facilities under the project include a 300-seater Auditorium, Kitchen, Chapel, Mosque, Gymnasium, Clinic, Library, Bank, Restaurant and Dining facilities for Members of Parliament and Parliamentary Staff as well as Staff and Visitors’ Screening Facilities.

ADK Consortium has great satisfaction in presenting this national monument to the Ministry of Water Resources, Works & Housing (MWRW&H), Parliamentary Services Board & Parliamentarians. This Project is an excellent example of co-operate endeavour among the various organizations that devoted time, support and experience. It was ambitious and challenging to undertake such a massive project of monumental value as it encompassed renovating and building on designs that already existed.

The motivation, tenacity and commonality of purpose of the various project teams that were a part of the JOB600 Project despite they belonging to different organizations helped attain completion with minimal obstacles.

For all those contributing to the success of this project, our ultimate motivation was to present to Parliament of Ghana, an Edifice of Honor. We attribute our success to this: we never gave up or gave an excuse.


Source: ADK Consortium, 2015