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Press Release: Launch of ADK Gifts Of Hope Project

Dec. 28, 2016

Our Christmas Story


December brought with it all the joys of Christmas but what exactly is the real meaning of Christmas? Is it gifts under the Christmas tree, shining lights at the malls, christmas cards and carols, beautiful  clothes, chicken dinners with family and friends, or the greetings of "Merry Christmas" to those  we pass in the streets? Is this really Christmas?


In today’s culture the true meaning of Christmas is quickly fading away. For most fortunate families, Christmas means Santa Claus, christmas trees and gifts.  But for under privileged children, the story of Christmas is very different.


For these children, Christmas is a time of sorrow and unfulfilled dreams. Many are saddened at Christmas time when they think of their loved ones who cannot be with them for various reasons, parents who  can’t afford to buy presents for them, etc. Chicken dinners may only be a wish and not a reality for some. Most orphans and children with special needs have little idea of  the true meaning of Christmas  and it’s  significance as a season of hope and love.


Last year, ADK Consortium, a professional team of architects, quantity surveyors, civil and service engineers, specialists in Infrastructure Development, demonstrated their understanding of the true meaning of Christmas by giving out surprise donations. This was dubbed “The ADK Gifts of Hope Project”, initiated by Ing. Michael Krakue, Chairman of ADK Consortium.


 28th December, 2016, will always be remembered as a life changing experience for  ADK Consortium, and beneficiaries of the “ADK Gifts of Hope Project”.


The ADK Team represented by Projects Administrator, Frimpomaa A. Ayim and Human Resources Manager, Marklina Dadzie, kicked off the project with a visit to the Children’s Ward of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Asylum Down. This was done to celebrate the joy of Christmas with the children and to glean  first-hand information about the special needs they required.


The “ADK Gifts of Hope Project”, presented items such as bags of rice, gallons of soyabean oil, biscuits, cartons of milo and powdered milk, toilet-rolls, powdered soap, boxes of indomie, washing and bathing soaps, Dettol, canned fish and soft drinks, to the children.

When we interacted and took pictures with the staff and children, it was evident just how much our visit meant to them. The children were very grateful and excited.


The Project also included a visit to the Potters Village Orphanage, Dodowa, where again substantial quantities of soyabean oil, rice, biscuits, soft drinks, milo, powdered milk, toilet-rolls, indomie, toiletries, Dettol, and canned fish were presented to the management of the Orphanage to help make Christmas special and memorable for the children.


The children entertained the ADK team with choreography performances and songs to express their joy and gratitude for the kind gesture.  In return ADK Team encouraged them to think positively about their futures and not to allow their environment to affect them negatively.  They were motivated to believe in themselves, aim for greatness and strive to achieve excellence in all their endeavors.


The Management of the Orphanage on behalf of the children expressed their heartfelt sentiments and urged the ADK team to continue doing their utmost best in helping to shape the lives of the children positively. The thought of bringing hope to the hearts of about 150 children in one effort was overwhelming. Indeed, the opportunity to put smiles on the faces of these children brought much joy and satisfaction to the ADK Team.


Showing love especially at Christmas can be a symbol of hope and a source of life to a person in need.


ADK Consortium is committed to it’s annual charity plan and believes that needy and under-privileged children can have a bright future if given the needed support and genuine assistance.


Source: ADK Consortium, 2016