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Happy Birthday, Ing. Michael Krakue – Chairman, ADK

April 6, 2016

Today, we celebrate Greatness!!


We celebrate a life that has impacted and mentored many people.


Your dedication and determination drives us to be dedicated and determined. You make us better at what we do. Your encouragement and your wise counsel are special gifts to us. All these things make you a great Boss to work with.


Your sincerity & tenacity motivates us to strive for excellence in all our endeavors. We know that being a Boss is a great responsibility and we think you are an exceptional person because you have managed to deal with our different personalities and done so with fairness and equity. We are so grateful for your insight, wisdom, professionalism, mentoring and inspiration.


Indeed, you have a Team that really believes and appreciates all the hard work you do. The Boss that diligently seeks the good of his Staff will find favor amongst men. As you continually seek the good of ADK Consortium may God’s favor be upon you & your generation. Today, may Heaven rain blessings in abundance upon you.


It is our joy to wish you a wonderful day as you celebrate this memorable day!!


Happy birthday, Chairman!


Kind Regards,

Team ADK.