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Achimota Waste Transfer Station

Client: ZoomPak Ghana

Status: Completed

ADK's Role: Consulting Engineers

Status: Completed


Construction of the Achimota Waste Transfer Station is a project undertaken with the aim of serving as the temporary collection and deposition of waste from Achimota and its neighbouring environs.

The project which can receive up to 2,000 tonnes of Accra's solid waste daily would be unloaded from smaller trucks, into larger vehicles (trucks, trains and barges) for transport to a final disposal site such as landfill, hazardous waste facility, or for recycling.

The facility has three compaction trailers, which can each absorb about ten waste compaction trucks, which means that 100 waste trucks can dump at the facility daily.

The Achimota Waste solid plant also has a weighing bridge, with an automated system to calculate the weight of waste dumped by each truck, and has an air tight and leakage-proof system to control odour. This project was completed in 2017.