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Lavendar Hill Project

Location: ACCRA
Status: On-going


The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), as part of its efforts to improve the sanitation condition in Accra, has embarked on the construction of a scientific liquid waste recycle plant which has been dubbed the Lavender Hill Faecal Treatment Plant Project.


The liquid waste recycling plant is a joint project by the AMA and Sewerage Systems Ghana Limited which commenced on May 2014 and aims at bringing a cleaner environment to the people, especially at the beaches.


The new plant is a scientific liquid waste facility with six anaerobic digesters to treat waste into organic material and bio-fuel for further use.

The plant can take as much as 200 trucks a day, and would use five days to recycle the waste into by-products and is cost effective, since it uses a maximum of two gallons of diesel a day, and would have great impact on the environment, as water produced in the process is 90 per cent clean.


The construction of piles as part of the preliminary works of the project has been successfully completed and that a total of 3,363 piles have been constructed at various locations on the site. Current site activities include the cutting of pile tops and preparation of the site for the commencement of the main construction works.