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Rehabilitation of Mudor Sewerage Treatment Plant

Location: MUDOR, ACCRA
Status: On-Going


The Accra Sewerage Treatment Plant at Mudor was constructed in 2000 with a design treatment capacity of 16000m3/d. However due to a myriad of factors, the sewerage treatment plant has been underutilized. Furthermore, equipment and pipelines are currently not functioning due to corrosion and poor maintenance.


Under this project the facility will be refurbished and expanded to make it operational, such that the final effluent will be of acceptable standards and can be discharged into the Atlantic Ocean.


The rehabilitation of the Accra Sewerage and Faecal Treatment Plant is aimed at providing residents of the Accra Metropolis with a decent, cost effective and technologically-tested faecal and sewerage treatment plant for the disposal of effluent and liquid waste. A Turnkey Contractor, Beijing Jianyan Environmental Protection Co. Ltd. has been appointed to undertake a complete rehabilitation of the Accra sewerage treatment plant at Mudor and the pumping stations that feed the treatment plant  whilst ADK Consortium Ltd, appointed by the Client, Sewerage Systems (Ghana) Limited,  is the supervising Engineers for the project.