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ADK Water Projects (3Ks' & Tamale)

ADK : Improving Water Supply & Sanitation


Water is the foundation to the first steps of development that a community takes, and has immediate impact on every part of rural and urban life.


At ADK Consortium, we promote rural African community development by providing sustainable water sources and reducing health risks associated with contaminated water. In achieving this, ADK works cooperatively with local leadership to empower them towards sustaining the development of their community.


Our reliable and premium quality construction services have paved our way for success and fetched us global reputation in this sphere. Within over two decades, we have efficiently accomplished several projects concerning water. 





Status: Completed

The 3ks' Water Project is a Government of Ghana funded project financed by two mixed credit facilities from Bank Hapoalim of Israel and aimed at providing Kumawu Community with a potable water supply.

Additional works include, the rehabilitation and expansion of existing water supply systems in Konongo and the Kwahu Ridge Communities.

The initial contract was signed in June 2008 with an addendum signed in January 2010 for the Phase1. The Phase 2 Agreement was signed in December 2010 to provide additional funds to enable the enhancement of the scope of works.



This Project was to meet a total demand of 660m3/hr (approximately 3 million gallons per day) based on the year 2025 projected population for some selected communities in the Sekyere Kumawu and Sekyere Central districts both in the Ashanti Region. The beneficiary communities include Abotanso, Aframso, Atonsu, Besoro, Bodomase, Jaduako. Kumawu, Kwaman, Kyebi, Pepease, Timate and Woraso.


Currently, Kumawu which is the district capital for the Sekyere Kumawu District had no water supply system after the previous system broke down years ago compelling  affected communities to depend on boreholes and other sources for their water supply.


The Kumawu Water Supply system is based on a proposed intake weir on the Afram River at Aframso which is about 30km from Kumawu. The system is made up of an approximately 40km long transmission line through settlements like Jaduako, Kwaman and Pepease to Kumawu.


In addition, a distribution network of about 27km would be provided for some of the communities while all the communities that are connected to the network would be provided with a couple of standpipes.


Some communities were excluded from the original proposed list of beneficiary communities because they were being connected to the Mampong Water Supply System. However, a 2.2km line from Nsuta to Asuafo in the Sekyere Central District was included within this scope as its connection is to the Mampong Water System.


Major components of the Kumawu Water Project are as follows:

  • 686m3/h (2million gals per day) Water treatment plant
  • A weir & intake structure
  • 71km Transmission lines
  • 3no. Ground level reservoirs 770,000 gallons
  • 7no. Elevated water tanks
  • A district office
  • Residential accommodation with total area 900 sq.m
  • 2.2km Nsuta - Asuafo (on the Mampong supply system)
  • 30km long distribution network
  • 30 public stand pipes
  • One tank relocated to Juansa on the Konongo network
  • Revised to 12no 2-bedroom and 2no. 3-bedroom units
  • Distribution Network has been increased to 31km



The Project was aimed at the rehabilitation and expansion of the existing plant towards meeting the projected 2025 population water demand for Konongo, Odumase and surrounding communities including Agogo all in the Ashanti-Akim districts. Other communities that are on this water supply network are Juansa, Domeabra, Patriensa, Hwidiem and Wioso.


The current Odumase-Konongo water system with its intake from the Anunu River was constructed in the 1970s. Due to the inadequacy of the water storage system, the water level reduces significantly during the dry season making it difficult for the system to operate efficiently. The operations of illegal miners also disturbed the natural flow of the Anunu River upstream of the intake.


One significant inclusion to the Konongo Water Project is the provision of an off-river reservoir with an estimated capacity of 1,000,000m3. This is to increase the availability of raw water during the dry season. The new water treatment plant has a production capacity of about 860m3/hr (i.e. a daily production capacity of about 4.2 million gallons) to be constructed.


There is also an extension of 5km to the distribution network in Konongo and Hwidiem townships.


Major components of the Konongo Water Project are as follows:

  • 864m3/h Water treatment plant
  • Rehabilitation and expansion of the intake structure
  • A 1,000,000m3 off-river reservoir
  • 16" transmission line from WTP to Konongo EWT
  • Konongo Booster Pumping Station
  • 10km line to Wioso
  • Replacement of approximately 6km AC pipes with HDPE 
  • 5km extension to the existing distribution network
  • Rehabilitation of 2 EWT (Agogo and Patriensa)
  • 1no. EWT (Wioso)
  • 10no. standpipes on the Wioso line



The objective of this project was to rehabilitate the existing water treatment plant at Kotoso; provision of a new intake and laying of new raw water and main transmission lines to improve the water supply to towns on the Kwahu Ridge. The transmission line of diameter 500mm is designed to meet the year 2025 projected water demand for the population growth.


The project also rehabilitated the three existing booster pumping stations in Kwahu Tafo, Mpraeso and Nkwatia Regions.  Due to the limited scope, provision is made for 5km extension to the existing distribution network in Tafo, Mpraeso, Bepong, Obo, Obomeng and Nkwatia.


Major components of the Kwahu Ridge Water Project are as follows:

  • New raw water intake (Floating Pontoon)
  • 500mm diameter raw water line
  • 9km main transmission (from Kotoso to Kwahu Tafo)
  • Rehabilitation of Water treatment plant
  • Rehabilitation of staff bungalows
  • Rehabilitation of the Kwahu Tafo, Mpreaso and Nkwatia Booster stations
  • 5km extension to the existing distribution network



Though the Phase 1 of the project became effective in January 2011, onsite construction activities commenced in November 2011 with the Kumawu South transmission line, i.e. the 12km line from Kumawu to Bodomase, Besoro and Woraso.


The 3Ks’ Water Project after its completion, now provides 3.6 million gallons of water each day to Ghanaians living in Kumawu, Konongo, Kwahu Ridge and all other Communities in the Asante Akim North District thus improving public health conditions & stimulating socio-economic development for the Communities.



Client: Ghana Water Company Limited

Location: TAMALE

Status: Completed


Under this project, the contractor, Biwater Contracting B. V. provided the following:

  • New raw water intake pumps and raw water pipeline
  • Constructed an additional 25,000 m3/day water treatment plant
  • Constructed a new transmission pipeline
  • Adapted the existing 450 mm transmission pipeline for distribution supply to the corridor villages
  • Increased the distribution network and storage facilities
  • Implemented a metering and water asset management programme

Undertook training and institutional strengthening at Ghana Water Company Limited, Tamale.