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Who we are

ADK Consortium is a multi-disciplinary professional team of architects, civil engineers, service engineers, and quantity surveyors. We have acted as the Consultant on several feasibility, design and build contracts, advising the Client at all stages of project development on cost control and construction proposals with the ultimate aim of ensuring that Clients get value-for-money.


With more than 35 years of operations, we have been involved with large and complex commercially financed projects on behalf of various national and international, private and public clienteles through which the company has developed a reputation as a professional, reliable and efficient company. The company also has a working relationship with a number of major International Funding Institutions, lending institutions, donors and bilateral organisations.



ADK Consortium is a Management Consultant specialising in Infrastructure Development.


Our present project portfolio is filled with high profile and challenging projects and we are well prepared to meet the future in terms of personnel, competence, quality assurance and top level management.


“From cutting-edge drainage and infrastructure-driven development to complex construction projects, we are proud to deliver solutions that shape our communities and strengthen our Nation’s growth.” – Ing. M. Krakue, Chairman – ADK

About Us

We have worked with the staff at ADK on a variety of projects over the years. Their professionalism is beyond reproach and they have demonstrated the ability to develop innovative solutions to problems presented to them in the design & supervision of projects. These solutions frequently result in cost savings in the construction of a project or in its operation and maintenance

Mr. Mu Jian-Jun
Project Manager, China State Hualong Construction Ltd

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